Why Videos Go Viral

by Jackrabbit-in-Chief

Have you ever wondered why a video goes viral? I discovered an interesting TED speech by Kevin Allocca that seeks the answer.

Kevin explains there are over 48 hours of video uploadeded to YouTube every minute. And of that, only a tiny percentage ever goes viral and gets tons of views. So how does it happen? Watch the video to find out.

Kevin concludes the video with the following:

Tastemakers, creative participating communities, complete unexpectedness, these are characteristics of a new kind of media and a new kind of culture where anyone has access and the audience defines the popularity. No one has to green-light your idea. And we all now feel some ownership in our own pop culture. And these are not characteristics of old media, and they're barely true of the media of today, but they will define the entertainment of the future.

Why is this important? Advertising isn't just about coming up with a catchy slogan. It's about communicating with your audience. The viral videos of today, once embedded in our cultural consciousness, form a basis of shared symbols and ideas that we use to communicate with each other tomorrow.